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Natural History of Shakespeare


Rarríssimo livro com magnifica encadernação.


Jorge Telles Menezes has been a Bookseller / Bookkeeper since 2009. He founded Livraria Alquimia in 2012, in the municipality of Cascais. He even opened a store in Lisbon in 2017, at Av. De Roma. As it was located on the 2nd floor of the Centro Comercial Roma it had little viability, so it decided to close. He returned to Cascais where he has the headquarters of the Livraria Alquimia, opening an online store. Although Livraria Alquemia is a generalist, it ended up specializing in specific topics such as Poetry, Art, History, Philosophy, Spirituality, Esoterism and Occultism. In addition to being a bookseller, he enjoys collecting and reading the books he owns.
Jorge Telles Menezes

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Sacred Feminine

Author: Inês Gaya


The earliest known appearance of the phrase is from The Boston Journal. In an article titled “Current Notes" in the February 9, 1885, edition, the phrase is mentioned as a good practice sentence for writing students: “A favorite copy set by writing teachers for their pupils is the following, because it contains every letter of the alphabet: ‘A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.’

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Livraria Alquimia

Livraria Alfarrabista Alquimia was founded by Jorge Telles Menezes in 2012 in the municipality of Cascais, with a Showroom space where it received customers by appointment.

The book store is generalist, but has areas of specialization such as: Art, Literature and Portuguese Poetry, 1st Editions, History, Philosophy, Spirituality, Esoterism and Occult.

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